Bayfield Lavender Farm Gift Shop: Building History

The building that we’ve converted into our farm shop has an interesting history. Back in the day (waaaay back) it would’ve been housing for workers on the larger farm that this once was. It actually has an incredibly well preserved non-creepy cellar complete with old fruit bins, there used to be a wood stove in the main room, and we discovered remnants of old wallpaper (which thrilled me… I love that kind of treasure). From what we’ve been told, it served as a temporary clinic while the larger clinic (now our house) was being built. For many years, the building must have just been sitting empty. When we moved in, it was being used for storage. The interior was almost completely covered in plywood that had been sponge painted with extremely bright colours… I imagine someone perhaps made it into a teenage hangout in the past.

For a very long time, we just weren’t sure what to do with the little building. With the help of my husband, stepsons, and (very) generous friends, I’ve been able to pull it apart and put it back together again… it’s pretty cute now. A lot of intense hours went into this little shop…. Major sweat equity. If you come by the farm, this is most likely where you’ll find me.

Though there is more work I’d like to do on it - primarily insulating from the outside (and currently brainstorming on how to make it more accessible for people with limited mobility) - I’m quite smitten with the charm and function of this cozy shack.