How Did This All Happen?

Chickens at Bayfield Lavender Farm, just outside of Bayfield, Ontario.
In the spring of 2017 my husband and I packed up our three children and our dog and left Toronto, relocating just outside of Bayfield, Ontario, Canada,
in beautiful Huron County.
We left the city to follow his job as Artistic Director of the Blyth Festival and I was in the middle of finding my way through motherhood
after a career as a performer and puppet maker, and a stint at art school
(cut short by the arrival of our first daughter). 
Our farmhouse sits on ten acres with a small forest, pond, barn, and a view of some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world. Formerly a clinic for a healer named Therese Pfrimmer, who treated sick and disabled people (and horses) with a self developed method of deep tissue massage and healing touch, the house had been through a lot of hands: a working farm, a bed & breakfast, abandoned for a time, an artists' retreat. When we first came here it was obvious the place needed love and focus, but we could feel the good energy coursing through.
As we cleaned up the property, we discovered a small patch of Grosso lavender that had been planted some owners ago.
It was immediately inspiring, I felt it was an opportunity that
had been waiting for me.
It was overgrown and needed some TLC. I bought a lot of lavender books. I watched a lot of lavender videos.
I made a plan.  
Propagating began the winter of 2017 and, since then, I have planted more than 3000 plants from cuttings on that original patch. 
We have now welcomed another child, another dog, started raising goats, chickens, ducks, the occasional pig, planted hundreds of new trees, thousands of wildflowers, and the lavender plot continues to expand.
We've solidly rooted ourselves.
The products I make, as much as possible, come from the ten acres we live on: lavender flowers, dried buds, distilled oils, goats' milk, lard, and eggs.
I try to use traditional soap making methods from a time when body care products didn't travel on ships across the ocean, rely on petroleum mined from the earth, and weren't full of micro-beads and phosphates. 
This farm changed my life. I'm so thrilled to be able to share it with you. 
Two white goats snuggle in old barn on Bayfield Lavender Farm.