Bayfield Lavender Farm: Our House

I get a lot of questions from visitors about our house. It’s a bit unusual looking from the outside and quite large. It was purpose built by the community around 1950 as a thank you to Therese Pfrimmer with the intention for her to use it as a clinic and teaching facility. She specialized in extreme deep tissue massage, healing many in the area including babies and horses. Having turned around her own paralysis through deep massage, her theory was that there was (almost) no ailment that couldn’t be treated through her technique of getting muscles working properly, getting the blood flowing, and relaxing the tight spots that could cripple parts of the body - even respiratory issues. It’s not unusual for my husband and I to encounter a number of people each year who have an enthusiastic story about this place, about being treated  by Therese, referring to her as a true healer. The technique she developed is actually still studied all over the world today. You can learn more about the whole thing through the International Pfrimmer Association: - it’s pretty impressive.