Culinary Lavender - Bayfield Lavender Farm

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This lavender blend is made up from two beautiful varieties that we grow here on the farm. Melissa Lavender is excellent for culinary purposes, bringing out wonderful fruity notes and delicate floral character without being overpowering. Since Melissa is such a light purple (almost white!), we've added a touch of Hidecote lavender for colour: it's distinctive deep purple flower buds are guaranteed to add vibrance to your kitchen creativity.

A note from Gemma: Remember that a little goes a long way when using this in any dish! It can be a great substitute for rosemary or thyme but I recommend experimenting with quantity. For baking, I've found it works best if you grind it up first. 

Package contains 30 grams of dried lavender buds, grown naturally with no sprays. 

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