Professional Photography Sessions

We love seeing our farm through the lens of different photographers!

Though we love for you to snap casual pics while you're here,

professional photo shoots must be booked outside of opening hours.

Why? It’s a much better experience for you (not getting your session interrupted by our other guests)

and for our customers (not feeling like they’re in the way of your photo shoot).

Additionally, the light in the evening or the earlier part of the morning is much more ideal!

Fee: $45 payable upon booking (this includes a $20 non-refundable deposit). If you need to reschedule, please just let us know and we can figure it out (we're pretty nice).

Your most ideal window for having a photo session with the lavender plants in bloom is approximately June 20th - Early August (this is always a guess since we can't truly predict the weather). Please note that we have different varieties of lavender growing and that they may be at different stages but between these dates, there’s always something beautiful in bloom!

For booking inquiries, please contact Gemma at

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